Marta BC

Marta, a talented illustrator from Barcelona, worked for more than 10 years in Advertising and Event Agencies, before she decided it was time to do something more personal, colorful, fun, and let herself go and do something that fulfilled her, so she launched as an independent artist. She was able to work with brands like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more around the world. She is very joyful, and her proposals are filled with colors, graceful compositions, and lots of fun.

about the design


The artwork on the Dancers Jersey was based and inspired by the embodied liberation that cycling gives you, the way you can move freely wherever your legs and your bike can take you. The idea was captured in an organic style, with simple curves and shapes inspired by Henri Matisse, creating a dynamic composition filled with life, movement and expression.


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  • We know what it takes to call yourself a cyclist. We know what it's like to ENJOY THE PAIN.